I can barely remember the days when I didn’t own baby wipes.  Once my child was born it was obviously a necessity. I always make sure to have them at home, in the car, in my bags, and anywhere else needed. Besides the obvious uses, which are to clean the child after they have relieved themselves or clean their hands, there are many other uses.

My daughter recently was playing with slime. I was not paying attention and when I turned to look suddenly realized gross and wet goo was all over my couch. Obviously, I had a mini panic attack and then headed straight for the baby wipes. It worked! One of my closest friend’s son drew all over a seat cushion of her couch. She was able to get it out with a baby wipe. Crisis averted!

Another time I used wipes to clean marks on my wall and floors. Somehow this one wall near the entrance hallway of our home kept getting scuffed up. I used wipes and that took care of it. You can also clean many different marks off furniture. In my house, we are constantly wiping down my daughters play table, art table, book shelf, and kitchen set. How about your stainless steel appliances? Yup, they work wonders on my fridge, dishwasher, stove, and microwave. There is no need to spend tons of money on expensive stainless steel cleaners when you have baby wipes at your fingertips. How many coffee drinkers put their mugs down and get that yucky rim on your desk at work? Lucky for me I always have a set of wipes in my drawer and can easily clean in up.

I keep a small pack in my daughter’s dance, swim and soccer bags. When we get to the dance class, I give her white tap shoes a quick cleaning and they look brand new. You can also use them on many other shoes. My husband wipes down his sneakers almost daily.

Obviously, there is always a package of wipes in my everyday bag. So, if we go out and use a public restroom I give the seat a quick wipe down. Tables at a food courts or restaurants and counters that I eat on all get a quick wipe down. Once my daughter is done eating she then also gets a quick clean up. One time we were in Disney World and Vivi wanted to have ice cream. It was towards the end of the day. and still very hot out. I was pushing her in the stroller and about five minutes after she started eating the cone I took a quick peak to find her asleep. A face full of chocolate and the ice cream cone still perfectly held in her little hand. This was a job for the wipes. I slowly took the cone away, and gently wiped her hands and face.

Ever since my ten year old yorkie was a tiny pup we would wipe down his paws with wipes. Sometimes when it would rain his little paws would get muddy and the wipes would help to avoid a house full of mud made paw prints. If you’re like me, you shed hair constantly. Maybe even almost as much as some pups. I use the wipes to give the floor a quick swipe and collect it all.

As you can see wipes can handle a variety of things from cleaning furniture, to kids, hygiene and beauty, clothing, shoes and even pets. I asked a few of my friends about their thoughts on baby wipes and what they use them for.  I got the same response from everyone. They all think wipes are great. One of them even said:

 “Baby wipes are life! I legit use them for everything!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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