My dear friend wanted to create a room for her daughter that princess dreams are made of. She had a few ideas in mind and before she knew it, this lamp and wall letter from Restoration Hardware along with some hot glue, frame and faux flowers from Michael’s turned into décor fit for a princess…a shabby chic one that is.

Before…                            After…

What you will need:
  • Wooden Initial Letter (9 – 12 inches)
  • Lamp Shade
  • Faux Flowers(two sizes. a smaller one inch and larger two to three inch flowers)
  • Frame
  • Hot Glue



She chose to revamp the floor lamp by cutting the stems off the faux flowers and arranged them around the rim of the top of the lampshade. You will have to hot glue each one individually. This lampshade already was a bit more stylish than your average shade because it has hanging crystals, but it was not yet fabulous enough for her daughters room. To complete her desired look she decided to take the smaller versions of the flowers and then glue them scattered throughout the crystals. This brought the the lamp from elegant to exquisite.

The initial letter was purchased already in a silver color and the flowers were aligned and glued along the “L”. Make sure the frame is big enough to leave space around the letter. There should be at least 2 inches from the top of the letter and two inched from the bottom of the letter to the edges of the frame. The open frame can be painted or decorated however you like. She chose to leave it this simple and elegant gray color. You may hang the frame first. Once that is hung make sure to center the initial. Leave an even amount of space on the top and bottom and also an even amount on the left and right side. This will give the piece a very proportioned look.

The beautiful lamp and wall  piece are now displayed in her little princesses room. Hopefully you will have as much fun putting these crafts together as my friend did.



Photo credit and design by Cherie Sheahan


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