You might have bought a rotisserie chicken on your last trip to Costco, fast food or local market and with the leftovers, thought to yourself “Hey I’ll just throw this on my salad for lunch tomorrow” or even just thrown it away. Boring and wrong! There are so many things you can do with that leftover chicken. Here goes:

  • Cube up the chicken and use it in a pot pie. This cuts out the defrosting and cooking of chicken. I use the pot pie recipe from
  • Chicken Quesadilla. Shred up that leftover chicken and layer it on top of cheese and tortilla. Yum! Quick and easy!
  • Use it in a Burrito Bowl recipe and it will cut down the time because the chicken is already cooked.
  • Buffalo Chicken Roll anyone? Use crescent roll, Shredded leftover chicken, hot sauce and some blue cheese dressing. Pop it in the oven following normal crescent roll time.
  • Throw it in your pasta. Simple garlic and oil pasta? Nope, not anymore. A yummy pasta dish with some protein.
  • BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches. Shred the chicken, then add BBQ sauce, put it on a bun and your set. I like to add some coleslaw and pickles.
  • Chicken Taco Night! Heat up a little oil, shred the chicken, add a little taco seasoning and serve on your favorite type of taco shell.
  • Chicken Chili. I have used the chicken shredded up or more cubed small to make chili. All you do is swap the meat that you normally use for the chicken. Easy!
  • Chicken wrap. …Any chicken wrap. How about a little roasted red pepper, spinach, fresh mozzarella, balsamic dressing and the chicken all chopped up and put in a wrap.

Tip: Make sure to remove the skin and don’t use it. The inner part of the chicken has a neutral flavor. If you use the skin then you will get that roasted chicken flavor which might not pair the greatest in some of the meals.


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